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We actively support and shape energy transition. Energy transition can only succeed with enthusiastic deployments of professionals. We offer our specialists to energy suppliers in order to implement their wind energy projects. Professionals and energy specialists find a promising career with exciting positions and good conditions using our service.

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If you are seeking a new opportunity within any of the sectors that we specialise in here at RTS Wind, please upload your CV and have one of our experienced consultants advise you on finding the perfect placement.

We take time to review and understand the aspirations of every application that is sent to us, we then add each one to our tailored database to ensure that we find the right candidates for our clients’ needs.

Please continue to upload your information and CV.

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Wind Energy RecruitmentRTS Wind Recruitment Limited is a professional recruitment agency specialising in employment services within the following sectors:

We pride ourselves in being able to recruit and attract high quality personnel in these range of sectors and help your business realise its full potential by achieving your optimum staffing levels and ensuring you get the right candidates.

Based in the North East of England and through our network of global links within the recruitment industry we aim to provide a superior recruitment service for local, national and international businesses.

We work within the British standards of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.